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Blue Royal Ruffle Earrings     Blue Lantern Earrings   Green Lantern Earrings   Red Lantern Earrings

Yellow Lantern Earrings     Red Flower Beaded Ball Earrings   Gunmetal and Silver Teardrop Earrings   Black and White Dangle Earrings

Ruby Red Spiral Earrings   Yellow and Green Flower Earrings   Purple and Green Flower Earrings   Pearl and Gold Earrings

Pearl and Gold Drop Earrings   Light Green and White Drop Earrings


Amber and Rainbow Spiral Bracelet   Ice Bracelet   White Rose Lattice Bracelet     Peachy Ice Bracelet

Earth Tone Bracelet

Bracelet and Earring Sets

Yellow-Green Bracelet and Earrings     Rice Pearl Kisses Bracelet and Earrings   Netted Bracelet and Earrings   Green Serpentine Bracelet and Earrings  

Purple Macaroni Bracelet and Earrings   Rubies on Ice Bracelet and Earrings


Purple Rose Necklace

Necklace or Pendant and Earring Sets

Green Oval Necklace and Earrings   Green, Gold, and Black Necklace and Earrings   Purple Flower Triangles   Light Green and White Flower Set

Blue Ice Star Sphere Set

Seasonal Jewelry

Red and Gold Love Charms Set   Spring Chicks Necklace

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