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Pisew Falls in Summer 16x20 inches   Old Shed by Skinner's 11x14 inches   Big Old House 11x14 inches   The Cat on the Wall 12x16 inches

Squirrel 16x20 inches   Prints on   Flicker 16x20 inches   Blue Lake Trail 11x14 inches

Frosty Willows 16x12 inches   Tin Shed with Sunflowers 12x16 inches   Museum Trio 11x14 inches   Fruit and Silver 10x8 inches

Ferrero and Beads 6x4 inches   Cochin Lighthouse 6 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches   Sunrise 14 x 11 inches   Old School at Sunset 14 x 11 inches

River and Elevator in Early Spring 10x8 inches   Green Trail 10x8 inches

Mixed Media

Nail Polish 14x11 inches   RPG Shadowbox

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